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United Airlines cuts go deep at Hopkins

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The news that United Concourse "D'' would be shut down -- was not what traveler Jim Cuddy from Connecticut wanted to hear.

"I use it almost monthly and now I have to change airline because flying into Laguardia your almost never on time," said Jim Cuddy. 

And he was not alone. Mary Parrish from California is already looking for alternatives.

"I'm looking into other airlines for different options for flights," said Mary Parrish.

Though the news was more devastating to United Airlines employees.  Some were told they lost their jobs and others that their job would be eliminated by June 5th. 

United Airlines sent us an email and in it it says... 

"As part of the notification, we outlined their options, including opportunities at other airports throughout our system, early out programs, and our continued job matching and job fairs we are conducting with the city of Cleveland."

This comes after the company announced it will be cutting regional flights by 60% also in June. 

The airport had Concourse "D" built back in 1999 for Continental Airlines. They were bought out by United and even though they won't need the concourse,  they still have to pay a lease until 2027. 

An airport insider tells 19 Action News this move hurts employees, not the airport. And Brandon Allen agrees, "I don't think it's going to hurt the airport. It might slow it down a little."

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