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Students face riot charges after brawl at Kenmore HS in Akron

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Kenmore High School, Akron Kenmore High School, Akron

Twelve Kenmore High School students are facing charges of rioting after a large fight at the school on Friday.

The Akron school was on lockdown for hours, and parents were called to pick up their children as classes were canceled for the remainder of the day.

Police tell 19 Action News 20 to 30 students were involved in the large fist fight on the second floor. Officials believe the fight was carried over from an argument on Thursday, April 10 on Kenmore Boulevard between Kenmore and Buchtel High School students.

A Facebook post at 9 a.m. on Friday suggested there was going to be trouble at the school. As soon as the high school received notification of that threat, trouble started on the second floor.

Students in the middle of the fight tell a frightening story.

"Everybody was just attacking people. There were fights everywhere. One kid would punch somebody and another kid would punch somebody. There was girl and boy fights everywhere and people were fighting teachers and cops and security and everything it was crazy," Kenmore student Maddie Peters told 19 Action News.

Two Akron school safety officers and an Akron Police school resource officer were upstairs immediately and additional cruisers were called to the scene. The Akron Police officer used his pepper spray to help break up the fight.

"Cops was up there macing. Everybody got maced. I turned around and I saw people getting punched left and right, getting socked, getting maced, punched and everything. It got crazy," said Kenmore student Tod Burton.

Police believe the brawl started when a Buchtel student came into the building. The school was on lockdown all morning until parents where notified to pick up their kids.

Cheryl Nigh, a parent, was horrified and recalled her emotions as, "Scared. Very scared. He was just texting me and telling me he was alright."

The pepper spray traveled through the schools ventilation system. Dozens of students felt the effects so the decision was made to close the school. A student with asthma was treated for breathing issues. He is expected to be fine.

Students were removed from the second floor so the pepper spray could thoroughly be cleaned up. There are not believed to be any serious injuries as a result of the fights. No weapons were involved.

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