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Some Cleveland fire stations plagued with problems

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Cleveland fire 100-ft ladder being held together with duct tape. Cleveland fire 100-ft ladder being held together with duct tape.

Is the Cleveland Fire Department working with outdated trucks?

19 Action News Investigative Reporter Scott Taylor found one ladder truck using duct tape to hold it together. 

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For almost 48 hours there has been no 100-ft hook and ladder truck at Cleveland's Fire Dept. headquarters at fire house Number 1. 

The main ladder truck broke down and so did the back up one in downtown Cleveland. 

"It's vital. That is the tool my members need to be effective in their job," said Mike Norman of the Cleveland Firefighters Association.

Fire officials say if a high rise caught on fire a ladder truck would come from Firehouse 4 on Lorain which is almost three miles away or from fire station 7 on Woodland which is only 2 miles away. 

"We have the resources needed to cover downtown. It's not an unsafe situation," said Cleveland Fire Chief Pat Kelly.

Fire officials claim they can get a 100-ft hook and ladder truck downtown from another fire house in 90 seconds. 

Firefighters Association officials disagree and say only 90 seconds -- if the ladder trucks have wings.

"On a fire apparatus I would say that is a generous estimate," said Mike Norman.

So just how outdated are some fire trucks in Cleveland?

At firehouse 39 on Lorain firefighters are using a 19-year-old ladder truck that's being held together with duct taper. 

"Let's be honest when you walk over here you have duct tape on the windows. Duct tape down here. I don't think the Mayor would approve this type of vehicle chauffeuring him around town," stated Reporter Scott Taylor.

"I would say not. I would say not," Mike Norman answered.

Fire Chief Pat Kelly says the ladder truck with the duct tape needs to be repaired. 

"Scott it was just brought to my attention today that it had duct tape on it. It's not acceptable," added Chief Kelly.

The 100-ft spare ladder truck is now repaired and is back at fire station 1. The main ladder though is still not fixed. 

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