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Editorial: Denny Linden

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Hi I'm Denny Linden. My wife and l live in Solon. I'm not a politician or an actor and I'm not being paid to say this.

I'm a life-long Clevelander interested in Cuyahoga County's future. That's why I'm voting yes on Issue 7 which would renew the small tax on alcohol and tobacco.

Issue 7 will not raise taxes. It will merely extend the current tax – just pennies on cigarettes and alcohol.

None of this money goes to the teams' owners. It will finance major repairs and improvements to keep our publicly-owned sports facilities in major league condition.

When I was a kid growing up in Shaker Heights, my dad took me to ball games at Old Municipal Stadium. Later, I took my dad to ball games at Progressive Field. Every game became another memory.

Please vote yes on Issue 7. It's a vote for another generation of Cleveland memories and it's not a tax increase.

Thank you.

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