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Duke brain tumor research to be featured in People magazine

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A new form of brain cancer research, which was previously featured on WNCN, is now being featured in the May 5 issue of People magazine, according to DukeMedicine.org.

In July 2013, WNCN’s Eileen Park spoke with Dr. Matthias Gromier, Associate Professor in the Department of Neurosurgery at Duke Medical Center, and with Stephanie Lipscomb, who was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma, a form of brain tumor.

July 2013 Article:Duke doctors use poliovirus to save woman from cancer

Lipscomb's tumor returned in April 2012, two years after radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and surgery to remove the tumor.

Gromeier suggested something radical; killing her cancer cells with the poliovirus. He discovered back in 1998 that the virus can attack other cancer cells, but had to research and test the theory for the last decade. During that time Dr. Gromeier and his team had engineered a non-lethal version of the poliovirus.

Lipscomb agreed to the experimental treatment and the poliovirus was injected into her brain tumor.

You can read People’s full article beginning May 5. You can read more of Eileen Park’s story about Lipscomb and her journey here.

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