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Canton angling to host 2015 NFL Draft

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Time for a game changer! Canton could be the host for the 2015 NFL Draft.

"When you think about Canton you think about football," said Joe Horrigan, vice president of the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton

Horrigan said Canton would be a perfect fit. Back in 1999 the Hall of Fame hosted the Cleveland Browns expansion draft.

Now Canton, along with Boston, Dallas, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Orlando, Chicago and Los Angeles are among the cities being talked about.
According to reports, New York's Radio City Music Hall can't guarantee the date for the event next year.

"When you think about the draft that's what it's all about," Horrigan said. "These guys are starting their pro football careers and you want their careers to end as Hall of Famers, so there's no more logical place for that kind of event."
For years, Canton has hosted the Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremonies, which attract more than 700,000 people. 

The idea is scoring big with local football fans we talked to.

"New York seems to get everything else so why not spread the wealth here," said Brian Herberghs. "They do it with the Super Bowl, so spread the wealth of the draft also."

"I think it would be good for business," said Jeannie Williams. "Bring people in for local businesses. It would be good."
If Canton does end up getting the draft, it would be held at the Canton Memorial Civic Center.

A decision is expected in the fall. 

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