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Grand jury: No charges in beating caught on tape

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A beating caught on tape A beating caught on tape

A mystery growing after a grand jury reviewed a case in a group beating and decided not to charge the prime suspect.

One man was arrested for it, but now there are no charges

Go back to the beginning, in March, the wee hours of one morning on Lee and Harvard in Cleveland.  A guy pulls up at a gas station and suddenly a crowd from the other side of the pumps surrounds him and stalks him around the parking lot.

Then it gets very ugly. By the time someone calls police, the attackers took off and left the 27-year-old victim seriously hurt.  But his mother hit the streets and helped investigators identify one suspect. Cleveland Police arrested him and took the case to a grand jury.

But the grand jury ruled no charges, which is rare. And a grand jury room is secret, so there's no way to know what was said.

Investigators always felt this had to be more than a random attack but until someone says more to them or calls Crime Stoppers with a tip, that beat down stays mysterious.

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