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Pettine: 'Manziel not the only one having fun'

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Berea, OH (WOIO) - Give Paul Kruger an "A" for honesty. Asked on Tuesday if he'd be "licking his chops" seeing a smaller quarterback on an opposing team run around, the Browns linebacker didn't hesitate. "Yep, for sure", Kruger told reporters following Day 1 of the mandatory mini-camp.

First, or course, Johnny Manziel has to win the job, and right now, as expected, Brian Hoyer is a few steps ahead. Head coach Mike Pettine made it clear, Manziel will have every opportunity to close that gap once training camp kicks off in late July, but by then, Hoyer's knee should no longer be an issue, and he'll have first crack at taking snaps with the first-team.

As for Manziel's wild ways, and the endless tweets, pictures and reports that follow, Pettine said his rookie quarterback certainly isn't the only Browns player having a little fun off the field.

"I think there's a lot of our guys, when they leave here, if they were followed around, you'd see some similar pictures", Pettine said, adding "I don't know about an inflatable swan."

Pettine also said he's been having a little fun off the field.

"I was involved in an event this weekend, that if there were some cameras at this, it probably wouldn't be the most flattering. There was a group of coaches out, we had a good time, but we were responsible", Pettine said. "When it becomes irresponsible, or when it involves breaking the law, or if we see a potential problem, we step in."

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