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Great Lakes Brewery expanding

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Great Lakes Brewery Great Lakes Brewery

"You'll see the construction that's happening over here already," Great Lakes Brewery COO Steve Eilerman showed 19 Action News Reporter Dan DeRoos.  

Ever since moving into the main brewery on West 26th in Ohio City in 1998 Great Lakes has expanded just about every other year just to keep up with business.

"Sales are growing great. Double digit growth over multiple years so it's a good problem to have," Eilerman explained.

This latest expansion will add six new tanks from Germany, double the size of current tanks that are on an ocean liner as we speak headed for the Port of Cleveland.

In order to get enough electricity they needed a little more room for a new transformer. To do so the City Cleveland and the Ohio City Inc. (OCI) had to give them an easement for the West 26th St. parking lot.

"There's a green transformer there. CCP (Cleveland Public Power) is going to come in and give us a new transformer with greater capacity and capabilities to support our expansion it will be on the grassy knoll. no impact to the parking lot."

This move made many in Ohio City nervous because the City owned parking spaces are gold in an area wracked with parking problems.

This expansion doesn't touch any spaces. The problem is the next expansion, sometime in three to five years will need to go somewhere.

 "If this parking lot would have an opportunity and there's other solutions for parking, that make sense for the company and OCI, that may happen. But we are looking at other alternatives in Cuyahoga county and others that may be better fits long term to augment what we have here as a business," Eilerman explained.

But the COO did say there are no intensions to ever pull out what they've already built in Ohio City. 

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