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Chimney crashes onto neighbor's car

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It's been almost two weeks since a chimney from an abandoned house fell on to Donte Taylor's car.

"It sounded like Iraq dropped off a bomb that's how loud it was,"said Taylor.

The chimney on Akron's South West Side came crashing down on a Monday afternoon when lots of kids were outside playing.

"Could have killed someone! That's exactly what I thought," Taylor said. 

Nobody was hurt in the incident but his truck was totaled, his porch was taken out and part of his house was damaged.

Donte Taylor would like the owner of the abandoned property to step up. "He should take responsibility," Taylor said. 

City officials say they're not responsible for the damage.  City engineers notified the owner of the vacant home months ago that the house was a nuisance and would be demolished.  So that property owner could be liable for the damages cause by the falling chimney.

Problem is Donte Taylor might have to hire an attorney to get compensation from an absentee landlord.

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