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Local businesses score with World Cup

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Hours before the U.S. Men's Soccer Team is set to begin, a small crowd gathers at Merry Arts Pub & Grille in Lakewood. They call themselves the Cleveland Outlaws, but they are a pretty friendly group that gets a little rowdy when they watch soccer.

"It's been a ground swell since 2010 we've seen an uptick in membership since the last world cup.  We expect huge crowds here today," says Chris Morris of the local chapter of the American Outlaws, a group that supports U.S. Men's Soccer.

Like other World Cup enthusiasts, the Cleveland Outlaws were looking for a local bar that would be the right place to watch matches. They are not alone. Six hundred gathered at Shooters on Saturday night just to watch the World Cup. Shooter's Owner Roger Loecy, just brought World Cup shirts and hats back from Costa Rica for his staff to wear.

"Saturday we had 600 people for a flag party and that was all Brazilian.  It was really busy.  I think more of the kids nowadays are playing soccer," says Loecy.

At the Barley House they put up flags from teams around the world just to attract fans.

"We found out last year when the United States played at Browns' stadium that there is a huge following for soccer, bigger than we thought. We put flags out front just to let them know we were showing the game, and before we knew it we had groups from different countries wanting to throw parties here," says Brock Reish, a manager at the Barley House. 

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