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Convicted Jimmy Dimora pal gets turned down for full court hearing

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Michael Gabor sentenced in corruption scandal in 2012. (Source: WOIO) Michael Gabor sentenced in corruption scandal in 2012. (Source: WOIO)

Court of Appeals has turned down a request for a full court hearing for Jimmy Dimora's pal Michael Gabor.

He will likely serve at least seven years for his part in the Cuyahoga County corruption investigation.

Last month, the attorney for Gabor filed a request for what is known as an En banc hearing in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals

In short, that means that Gabor was requesting a judgement from all 12 judges on the court. His appeal was turned down two weeks prior by a three-judge panel.

The filing says the trial judge used an inflated dollar amount of loss to taxpayers when calculating Gabor's sentence.

Gabor was convicted along with former Cuyahoga County commissioner Jimmy Dimora, in the corruption scandal. 

In 2012, Gabor was convicted of seven charges and sentenced to 10 years and one month behind bars. 

His attorney asked for a much shorter sentence than the 28 years Judge Sarah Lioi handed to Dimora. In doing so, he made the point that unlike Dimora, Gabor played a minor role in the crimes he was convicted of. Gabor's financial gain was also far less than Dimora's.

Gabor was a county employee who served as Dimora's errand boy at times. He was convicted of being a go-between in several bribe schemes involving Dimora and contractors wanting to win county contracts. 

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