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Banshee filming continues in Mooresville, some neighbors curious about noises

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Neighbors in Mooresville may hear gunfire and small explosions over the next few days, but the sounds are part of the Banshee television series. The hit show on Cinemax is in Mooresville again, this time for the third season.

"It [Mooresville] is the quintessential small town America and it embodies everything that we were looking for creatively," said co-executive producer and writer Adam Targum.

Targum met with WBTV before filming began. He showed us costumes, and took us into a trailer where some of the actors were getting ready for Friday's shoot. While he wouldn't reveal plot details, he did say to expect loud noises over the next few days.

"We have used a lot of automatic gunfire last night and tonight as well," he said.

Targum says Banshee crew members met with hundreds of neighbors near the filming location, and most of them don't mind the noise.

"It's not bothering me. I don't hear them. I see the lights occasionally but that's it," neighbor Brenda Jones said.

Wes Burnett lives just a few blocks away from filming, and says while he's excited about the project, some of his neighbors are concerned about the noise.

"I could see how some could get frustrated that might live closer and I could see how some might get frustrated that aren't aware that it's going on," he said.

Over the past few months, Banshee crew members collected hundreds of signatures, and that was enough for the Town of Mooresville to allow the simulated gunfire and small explosions.

"The Mooresville residents and town has embraced us with open arms so it's very important we show them the same respect," Targum said.

For more on Banshee, visit the show's website here.

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