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Chris Perez reflects on his time as an Indian

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Former Indians closer Chris Perez recently sat down with to talk about his time in Cleveland. He did not discuss the friction he had with fans, the media, and sometimes, club management. His drug arrest was not included in the interview either.

Perez did evaluate his five years with the Tribe, though. Saying, "It ended a lot better than it started, team-wise. What we were able to do last year was great. Personally, I didn't pitch the way I wanted to the last two months of my time there, but overall, I gave it everything I had almost every time I went out there and for the most part, I did my job." The former All-Star closer added, "I had a couple good years there. They gave me the chance to close and I established myself. Hopefully it'll keep me in the league longer because of that."

The right-hander analyzed his struggles last season. "It was just all the bad habits I got into in the first half of the year just to get by, when I got healthy and was throwing hard, it all flared up at once. I was flying open earlier. Early in the year, I was flying open and trying to throw it as hard as I could. When I had velocity, it just counteracted it. I was showing the ball to the hitter earlier. My front shoulder was flying open, so they could see the ball easier. And then also, just trying to get results while we were in a pennant race, it all kind of just came together and I had bad results.

Perez's new team, the Dodgers, open a three game series with the Indians on Monday night in Los Angeles. When asked if he missed anything about Cleveland, he said "Not really. Maybe Lucky's Cafe in Tremont."

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