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Possible tornado touchdown in Henderson Co.

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Photo Credit: Grimlock @bluzmman via twitter Photo Credit: Grimlock @bluzmman via twitter

Henderson County EMA tells us this is resembling an F0 tornado that came out of no where.

Only one family was home at the time, and they quickly got to the basement.

Henderson EMA Director Larry Koerber says he was at home when he got a call from the 911 service with reports of high winds and funnel clouds near the Robards area on Sunday.

Koerber says, "While I was on the phone with them, 911 received two more calls of possible damage in the same relative area."

Koerber says he told them to sound the tornado alarms and immediately called Robards and Niagra fire departments along with Henderson City-County Rescue Squad to help him check for damage in the area.

Koerber says, "We responded over here to find two residences that were damaged by what appeared by what appeared to be strong winds."

One house had their trampoline end up in the neighbors yard along with two by fours sticking out of the side of the house.  

While another one had siding, shingles and fence ripped away.

Koerber says only one family was home at the time and they quickly went to the basement.

Koerber says, "Have your safe place already identified so that when these types of incidents come up, then they would be able to go to their safe room immediately."

Probably the strangest thing about this occurrence was there was no pre-warning.  

The National Weather Service had not issued any warnings and local radar had no indication of tornadoes.

"Nothing about any kind of tornado or any strong winds," says Koerber. "However, that's apparently what happened. It was very unusual, it dropped out of a cloud, did damage and dissipated."

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